Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Artists at Work

When conditions are this good, watching the guests and guides carving fresh lines in the snow is like watching an artist at work on a blank page. The mountains here are our gallery. The rhythm and flow as the skiers and boarders effortlessly bounce from turn to turn and send powder face shots up with each compression is breathtaking!

With another bluebird sky and the sun glowing as their backdrop, the guests this week have taken good advantage of our unlimited vertical package and chalked up over 42000.

The limbs may be weary at night but each morning everyone makes it to the yoga stretching session and is raring to go by the time we take off in the helicopter.

There have been a couple of adrenalin shots too, jumping out of a hovering helicopter was a true highlight today and pulling Mike out of a tree well earlier this week was a good reminder why we buddy up to ride the trees!

More snow is on its way at the end of this week - so it just gets better and better!

Check out the photos of the week in our Week 4 photo album.

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