Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Week 2 Heliskiing kicks off

The 2010 Heliskiing is well underway, the guests have all had their transceiver training at the lodge and started the week with a helicopter briefing, learning the do's and don'ts of boarding and disembarking a helicopter on a mountain with all your ski gear- it certainly gets the excitement and adrenalin running.

Day 1 we had some freezing rain rain so only got out for a half day, nevertheless that meant good snow up top and we squeezed in 2100m of vertical. Day 2 saw a full day and 4250m of vertical skied, everyone had big grins and exhausted legs at the end of the day.

Day 3- was a down day with freezing rain at the lodge we embarked on a game of Ice hockey Canada vs Austria. It was rather competitive and I believe both sides claimed the win! Lots of fun had by all of course!

Day 4 - we got our first Alpine runs under our skis!

Landing at the tip of Ambrosia we found 120cm of fresh new snow. Sweet!

There were big grins all round as we swept through the deep snow through the Ochre zone. A couple of tumbles just added to the grin factor.

On our second run, unfortunately Glen took a tumble and tweaked his knee so the guides sprung into action to diagnose the issue and help him out- but no need for an evac he was back up on his skis and took a steady slow run out while we whizzed down to the helicopter.

By the third run down Hagar, the conditions just got better and better and we were all yelping with delight at a sweet run. The next run saw a few tumbles along the way- pretty energetic and entertaining efforts to dig yourself out of this deep stuff.

Lunch is always a welcome sight - all sitting around a snow table by the helicopter, surrounded by mountain views soup and tea warming us up and some freshly baked cookies- yum! It started to snow again and we were back in the helicopter, over to Tillsworth descending through the open runs into the treeline this time.

4500m of vertical - awesome!

Check out the 2010 week 2 photos!

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