Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 weeks to go!

Well we're sad to say we have just 2 weeks to go this season but we still have some great skiing conditions here for our guests.

So our thoughts are already turning to 2011 with expectations that we'll have as great a season as we had this year.

Next season the lodge will be back open, fully renovated and looking even better. So that means we'll have more spaces available on our tours.
Plus as our 2010 program proved so popular we're continuing to offer Unlimited Vertical and only 1 group per helicopter which means almost no waiting time and plenty more skiing!

The 2011 tours are up on our website now and you can take advantage of early booking prices until the end of next month.

Check them out here .

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 11- And boy this kid can ski!

Well week 11 saw some more awesome ski conditions. Despite poor stability in the region we managed to find some good low risk slopes to ski and with soft snow and blue skies we skied almost every day this week. (1 down day). Over 42000m of vertical!

We had a youngster along this week and he sure showed us a few tricks, in fact I think he spent more time in the air than on the snow- it was incredible to watch.

We also had our K2 rep along for a couple of days and the guests all got to try out next season skis and snowboards with the new rocker technology we saw vast improvements to everyones skiing and riding.

You can come along and try those skis and snowboards for yourselves next season as we'll be stocking them for our guests.

Check out the photos here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Week 10 belongs to our new owners

This week we welcomed our new owner Nicolas Saverys and 3 generations of his family. For many of the team here it was the first time to meet the family that make it possible for us to run the awesome Heliskiing program at TLH.

Nicolas has also recently purchased Tyax Wilderness Resort and was pleased to see the progress of our renovations on site as we prepare for the new Summer program.

But it was not a work week for them! We took off into the mountains every day with fresh snow conditions most days and bluebird skies for most of the week there was a lot of skiing to be done! Over 31,000m of Vertical. (So much so that it kept our massage therapists busy each night)

Nicolas has been a guest with TLH Heliskiing for over 7 years and in true Victor Kiam style he "liked it so much he bought the company".

This week only went to prove he had made the right decision, the group were all smiles and overheard Nicolas's nephew say "I just had the best day's skiing of my life!".

And whilst we entertained the family on the slopes all day, they entertained all the staff in the evening. Our guests turned into our hosts for an evening as we got to know, and become part of, his family.

I chatted to his daughter who was here for her first heliski, she had been training for months hoping to be good enough to make the most of the unlimited vertical on offer and she was so pleased at how great the skiing had been and that her fitness regime had paid off.

Apart from the skiing we had a competitive game of ice hockey (Belgium v Canada) and toured around the lake on the snowmobiles.

It was great to meet the family and sad to see them go, but we're looking forward to showing off the renovated resort to them when they come back this Summer. See you then guys!

For now here are some photos of the week

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 9- ALREADY?!

We can hardly believe its week 9 already, only 5 more weeks of the season left but there's so much more snow fun to be had in the meantime!
This week we've got some guests who are reinventing the fuel business so we decided we better energize them up every morning and ski them til they had nothing left! I'm pretty sure they were happy with that though.
We've had great conditions, stability has improved somewhat from last week but we're still being cautious where we ski and taking lots of snow observations.
So far this week we have skied 25100m vertical and about 43 runs in just 3 days!

We've had a couple of bluebird days which are always awesome, and some 20cm of fresh snow leading to some boot top deep powder days in the alpine and dropping into the trees.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eldorado Cabin Ski Touring Helicopter Drop

Not many people know about this lovely little cabin set in the South Chilcotins but most weekends we take a helicopter full of ski tourers in to the cosy log cabin which serves as their base to ski tour from for a few days and then ski back out to us at the end of their tour.

I'd only ever mountain biked up to the cabin before but this week I was lucky enough to accompany our guests in and see how cute it looks covered in deep snow, so I thought I'd share the experience with you through my photos....

The cabin in winter and...

in Summer!

Cosy living quarters for 6-8 people and a great log Sauna outside the cabin too!

FYI - we are now running guided ski touring adventures at TLH check them out at: -