Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eldorado Cabin Ski Touring Helicopter Drop

Not many people know about this lovely little cabin set in the South Chilcotins but most weekends we take a helicopter full of ski tourers in to the cosy log cabin which serves as their base to ski tour from for a few days and then ski back out to us at the end of their tour.

I'd only ever mountain biked up to the cabin before but this week I was lucky enough to accompany our guests in and see how cute it looks covered in deep snow, so I thought I'd share the experience with you through my photos....

The cabin in winter and...

in Summer!

Cosy living quarters for 6-8 people and a great log Sauna outside the cabin too!

FYI - we are now running guided ski touring adventures at TLH check them out at: - http://tlhheliskiing.com/content/SkiTouring.php

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