Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 8 starts with a long weekend!

This week's guests started out with some long weekend warriors. What a weekend to pick, the sun has been shining all day everyday, the skies are blue as blue can be and the mountains as white and fresh as ever. Sweet conditions to ski and board in.

At last night's bonfire outside the chalet after dinner we stared at the stars in the clear night sky and the mountains silhouetted and I was told that yesterday ranked as one of the best 3 or 4 days they have skied over the last 7 years of skiing here, it just gets better and better!

To top that we have the Olympics to watch as our evening entertainment what a weekend!

So far there's been a lot of skiing and now there are plans to come back and mountain bike here too.

Runs this weekend: - 50900m Vertical Skied!

Saturday: - 14150m

Grahams x 2
Herbs x 2
Tillsworth x 5
Blindmans Bluff
Ipoo Glacier
Ipoo Mountain
Slim Too x 2
Leckie Lakes Peak
Amnesia x 2
Barnyard x 2
Snowboarders Heaven
Molly glacier

Sunday: - 12750
Swiss Peaks x 2
Slim Peak
Little Heirs
Ice tea
Ault Lake
Magic x 2
Lepton Mountain
Tahiti Bite x 2
Hagar the Horrible x 2
Paradise Lost
Arrowhead Glacier x 2

Monday: - 5000m

Dickson Peak
Lone Star
Slim Fast
Ladies First
Just for Fun
Horsein around
Hagar the Horrible
Ice cubes
Orions Belt
African Tribesman

Tuesday: - 8100m
Upper Eldorado
This Way
Slim Fast
Slim Peak
Little Heirs
Leckie Lite

Wednesday: - 7700m
3 G's
Trev's Gullies
Ipoo glacier
Slim Fast
Sarah's Playground
Little Heirs

Thursday: - 7700m
Slim Fast
Slim Peak
Sarah's Playground
Little Heirs
Leckie Lite
Leckie Glacier West

Friday: - 3600m
That Way
This Way
Trevs Gullies

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 8 Hotsprings Excursion

We had so much great skiing this week that we decided to take a rejuvenation break and pick up our non-skiers for a helicopter ride to the local natural hot springs!

What a surreal experience to land our helicopter right next to the springs, strip off ski gear to our bathing suits and relax in the hot water, surrounded by snow and a small waterfall.

After a couple hours relaxing we were back on the slopes for some more skiing within minutes- fully rejuvenated.

This sort of experience reminds you why you come to Canada to ski in the backcountry- wow!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7- Olympics Week

While the highly trained winter athletes of the world are performing their best and while VANOC overcome the challenging snow conditions on Cypress and Whistler this week, we still have a powder playground to enjoy and lots of it.
This week we've skied over 21000 meters this week, and over 42 runs and the average age of the group? 65! Pretty impressive eh?
This week's guests have been coming for the past 9 years and are enjoying this year even more than ever- and we sure are enjoying their jovial company.